Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where to Sell Your Used Printers?

Sell Your Used Printers
Every electronic has its day in the sun. When those days are over for you printer and it is necessary to get rid of it, there are a number of enviromentally friendly options to chose from. Some of them can be financially friendly as well. So, where can you Sell Your Printers?

The first option and one of the best in our opinion's, yes we are a bit biased, is to sell your printers to Sellyourprinters.com. SellYourPrinters.com works with printer manufacturer's authorized repair organizations to make it happen. The repair organizations have service contracts with printer manufacturers such as HP, Lexmark, Okidata and Epson for field service repair. SellYourPrinters.com buys your equipment and inturn provide it to these organizations for parts to be reused. This process is much greener than typical recyclers as you printer get reused rather than broken down for precious metals. Additionally, you are selling your printer to a business not another end user and Sellyourprinters.com covers all costs of shipping. All you have to do is agree to the price that you want to sell your printer at and they do the rest.

If SellYourPrinters.com can't help we usually suggest our clients try to sell their printers on eBayeBay has millions of users and one of those could be looking for the printer you are trying to sell. Before selling go to eBay and do a search for your printer make and model to determine if anyone else is selling your printer and for how much. With this research you will be armed with enough information to set the proper price that will sell your printer. The downside of eBay is having to deal with another end user, hope that they pay and then you have to pay cost of shipping. You also have to give eBay a cut of the sale.

Craigslist is the largest online classified site. It is a giant version of your local newspaper's classifieds. You can post basically anything to buy or sell there. They have a computers section that would be a great place to list the printers you want to sell. Again, as with Ebay, do your research to see if anyone is selling the same printer you are trying to sell and see make sure you beat them by a few dollars. You also have the same downside with Craigslist as you do with eBay as you have to deal with another end users, negotiate any shipping and cover any fees that Craigslist may charge.

When looking to dispose of your old printers there are a number of options available, all much better than throwing it in the trash.  If it is working fine and you feel like dealing with the additional hassle of directly selling to an end user check out eBay and Craigslist. Or, for the quickest, most painless way to sell a printer, even if it isn't functioning, Go to SellYourprinters.com and Sell Your Printers!


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